Monday, March 21, 2016


Fear is a strange thing. Sometimes there is no logic to it. Other times it can make sense because there is a logical source or it is obvious why we are afraid. It can be crippling and debilitating. It can be shaken off and overcome. Many times in the faith journey of a young woman, she is faced by fear. How she reacts can either increase or decrease her faith. It is the decision of each individual that determines the direction in which they travel: Towards faith and a deepening in their relationship with God or to fall away from God towards despair and destruction.

I have been struck down by fear countless times in my life. There have been fears that were easily overcome and others I am still fighting. Something I think we all have to realize is that there will always be fear in our lives. Also, it is okay to be afraid and it is okay to need some time to sort things out. There are seasons for everything and they do not last forever.

At the same time that we are fighting against our fear, we can also find great strength in the fight if we form an alliance with Jesus Christ in our fight. If we fight against our fear with Jesus at our side there can be immense spiritual growth in these seasons of our lives. Fear can be a good thing. It is a way of knowing that we are human. Fear means we are leaving our comfort zone. The place that the most growth occurs in the life of a human being is outside of that individual’s comfort zone. Stepping outside of where we are the most comfortable can be terrifying, but it is necessary to grow closer to Jesus Christ.

A thought struck me the other day as I was absentmindedly singing along with the radio and a song called “Not Backing Down” by the Christian artist Blanca came on. The thought that struck me was: “I’m pretty comfortable. Nothing too crazy has happened in my life lately.” As I was thinking this I was shaken from my thoughts as I mis-sang the lyric: “I played it safe, been afraid my whole life.” Instead of singing the line properly, I sang: “I prayed it safe, been afraid my whole life.” I kind of blew my own mind a little bit.

How many times have we prayed the safe prayer? Instead of embracing the fear of the unknown and trusting in God’s plan for us, we choose to remain where we are comfortable. How much more exciting would our lives be if we didn’t “Pray it safe?” Where would Jesus take us on our journey of His plan if we surrendered our lives, full of trust in Him?

Let’s go on an adventure. Pray the risky prayer and see where it takes you.

~ Melina Lushbaugh

Not Backing Down - Blanca

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