Friday, April 15, 2016


On Wednesday I had the day off so I went to Walsh University for mass. Across the aisle from me, three young nuns were sitting in full habit. As I glanced their way I sort of signed and thought, “Wow, they’ve given their life for God and there they sit in their simple habits, and here I am in my makeup, jeans, bright green shirt and my flashy red leather jacket from Florence. Talk about a difference in priorities!” Then I think the Holy Spirit tapped me on the shoulder. Wait a minute, why am I comparing myself to these nuns? Yes, they gave their lives to God is a very special way and they’re living it out in what they do and how they dress. But, aren’t I doing the same thing? I was putting myself down for that leather jacket, but wasn’t it my husband who loved it on me and encouraged me to buy it with him on our special trip together? And wasn’t I wearing that makeup and my nice outfit to bring out my beauty for my husband? Those nuns were absolutely beautiful in their total gift of self to their husband, Jesus. As I prayed beside them I was reminded that maybe my total gift of self to Alex might be just as beautiful. And that’s not even all the encouragement I got in that mass. God overwhelms sometimes! Later on in the mass I noticed the old couple in front of me. When it came time for the sign of peace I looked up and caught the look of endearment the wife gave her husband before they kissed. It reminded me of how a bride looks at her husband on their wedding day, and yet more knowing, more full of love that’s grown. I thanked them after mass for their example of a Catholic marriage and she grinned and gave me a hug and said “fifty-eight years!” When I said I have three years, she said, “It gets better.” What a joy to know that when love is nourished, it doesn’t have to fade away, it can get even better.

~ Kathryn Mathis

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